The COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic has forever changed our view of the world.  Within the protective services industry, the pandemic has also broadened the role of the security officer, significantly. Security officers are now taking on non-traditional duties in addition to their normal job functions. This is largely centered around helping to enforce government-mandated orders and ensure the safety of patrons, employees, visitors and guests.


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the spread of  COVID-19 and 


The Changing Role of the Security Officer During the COVID-19 Pandemic 


Our Mission

& Core Values


Since we first opened our doors to local businesses and residences in the San Fernando Valley, it has been our mission at S.G.P. Solutions Inc to be recognized as a leader in protective services. Today we have expanded our services throughout Southern California, however, our mission still continues. Our officers are often credited for being professionally trained, highly proficient, and exhibiting an exemplary work-ethic that complements the environments they serve.  

S.G.P. Solutions Inc (aka Surveillance Guard & Patrol) is the next-gen in private security. More specifically, we are redefining industry-level performance standards to optimize employee productivity and utilizing state-of-the-art technology to influence on-the-job efficiency. Recognized by our clients for having an unwavering commitment to safety and protection, the officers at S.G.P. Solutions Inc are first and foremost, agents of service. 

Core Values:​

Protect Our Employees - 

Amid the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, it is our top priority to ensure all employees are equipped with the appropriate gear to protect themselves from contamination while on-duty. 


Ensure Client Safety -

With each patrol of your business or property, our officers will disinfect any commonly touched areas along their route such as light switches, doorknobs, tables, etc. added layer of protection for our clients, their employees, visitors, or guests.


Provide Dependable Service –

To directly match our clients with a high-caliber security officer who has the skills and experience to achieve their security objectives. 


Offer Continuous Learning– 

All officers participate in the company's progressive development program where they learn new techniques and sharpen existing skills.


Be Client Focused– 

We respond, collaborate and check-in with our clients regularly to solicit their feedback on our service and how well we are achieving their expectations.


Be Performance-Driven  –

We've established innovative performance standards and equipped our officers with the latest security technology to reach peak efficiency.


Focus on Cost-Efficiency - 

We have a dedicated focus on cost-efficiency and continuously look for ways to infuse value into our service.


Establish Trust-  

Through regular communication, keeping our promises, and being operationally transparent with our clients is how we build trusting relationships. 


Security Officers

First Responders

Patrol Officers

During this unprecedented time, it has become commonplace to find a security officer outside many businesses. This is to ensure the overall safety of those inside and outside the establishment and enforce new rules.   At S.G.P. Solutions Inc, we monitor maximum occupancy, ensure compliance with social, or physical distancing, face masks are fully worn by each and every customer, employee or visitor, and a store's product limitations are upheld.  Prior to COVID-19, the security officer's focus was generally aimed towards access control, theft, vandalism, and safety. While these issues remain a top priority for security officers, they are no longer the only focus. 





Event Security




Fairs / Festivals

Special Events

Access Control

Crowd control

Directing Traffic

Grounds Patrol

Vehicle Access

VIP / Guest Escorts

Parking Enforcement

Crowd Management
Access Control / Tracking
Symptoms Focus 
Temperature Scanning
Social Distancing Monitor
Employee Wellness Focus 
Incident Reporting

Security officers provide a physical presence at businesses, facilities, and residential communities. They patrol all areas, scan pre-determined checkpoints, and act as a deterrent to crime and illegal activity. 

Security Officers are often first responders in emergencies given that they are already on-site at your property. They provide crowd control, call police or fire departments, and administer first aid. 

Officer Type:

Typical Locations:




Coronavirus Duties:

General Security 




Shopping Malls


Check-Point Scanning

Daily Reporting

Ground Patrol

Lock-Up Service

Parking Patrol

Parking Citations

Prevent Trespassers

Crowd Management
Access Control / Tracking
Shopping Hour Access 
Symptoms Focus 
Temperature Scanning
Social Distancing Monitor
High-Demand Product
Employee Wellness Focus 
Patrol Route Disinfecting
Incident Reporting










Security Concierge


Boutique Hotels 

Budget Hotels 

Luxury Hi-Rise

Office Buildings

Conflict Resolution

Daily Reporting

Grounds Patrol

Guest Services Agent

Guest Misconduct

Parking Enforcement

Crowd Management
Access Control / Tracking
Symptoms Focus 
Temperature Scanning
Social Distancing Monitor
Employee Wellness Focus 
Incident Reporting







Trucking Yards


Access Control

Check Point Scanning

Container Log

Daily Reporting

Inventory Tracking

Seal Verification 

Yard Patrol 

Access Control / Tracking
Symptoms Focus 
Temperature Scanning
Social Distancing Monitor
Employee Wellness Focus 
Patrol Route Disinfecting
Incident Reporting

S.G.P. Solutions Inc also offers mobile patrol services that maintain the security of many empty and closed public parking lots, retail, commercial or office premises, and ensures that fire alarms systems are kept in check.



*See our mobile patrol page on this website. 


Security Officers

& Duties:

S.G.P. Solutions Inc is a Private Patrol Operator licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (PPO/ Lic#120180).  Every officer carries a current and valid security officer license or "Guard Card."Armed Officers carry a current and valid weapons permit, security license, and have received professional training. All officers are covered by the company's general liability and worker's compensation insurance policies. 

downloadcitiscape 1..png

Mobile Patrol Officers

Service Duties

(but not limited to)

Access Control·    

·    Ensure access points are secured

·    Identify/remove security breaches

·    Provide lock up or unlock service

·    Enforce facility hours

(e.g. pool, gym)


Observe and Remove Trespassers

·    Question suspicious individuals 

·    Remove trespassers, homeless or persons loitering 

·    See to unruly, abusive, or injurious individuals 

Property and Parking Patrol

·  Cite vehicles parked illegally

·  Patrol all parking areas

·  Patrol the property's exterior

·  Patrol of floors, hallways, and stairwells and interior. 

Patrol Report

·  Complete a report at each stop.

·  Email patrol report to the client

Mobile Patrol officers are an excellent deterrent to crime and illegal activity and provide a cost-effective solution with per-stop pricing. Stops are up to 60 minutes with all access points secured, accessible floors and parking lots patrolled, lock-up of facilities, enforcement of your building’s or your property’s rules, and much more.


Mobile Patrol officers exemplify a performance standard that compliments the businesses they serve and facilitates effective, trustworthy relationships with employees, residents, and guests.


At S.G.P., we are pioneering innovative productivity standards and utilizing state-of-the-art security technology to optimize the performance of every officer in our fleet.


Think it won't happen to you?


Think again.

California ranks 5th in vehicle theft out of all 50 states. Many of these property crimes happened in office parking structures and apartment complexes, just like yours.


And to think....much of this could have been prevented. 

Want to play it safe? Don't leave valuables in your vehicle. Don't leave your vehicle unlocked. And when you want serious protection, give SGP Solutions Inc a call. We're ready when you are. 


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6 ways we put our best foot forward








At S.G.P. Solutions Inc, communication is paramount. We are never hard to reach, day or night, and we check-in with you regularly to solicit feedback and ensure your expectations are met. 


Cost-Efficient Service

We continually look for ways to make our programs cost-efficient. One example is our FREE* mobile patrol service provided each week you book 40+ hours of weekly on-site service. 


Qualified​ & Licensed

S.G.P. Solutions Inc is a private patrol operator (PPO #120180) licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. All officers carry a current and valid security license (aka. Guard Card).


Insured and Liable 

All officers are covered under the company's $2,000,000 general liability insurance, as well as our workers' compensation policy.  


Officer Matching

We are driven to meet your expectations from the start. The officer we assign to you has a comparable level of experience and training to that of your property's scope and complexity of duties.


Client Options

All our services allow you to choose between having an armed or un-armed officer, and the type of uniform (or plain-clothed) that best meets your needs. Armed officers are licensed and pro-trained.

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New Day

New World

New Rules

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Not sure how vulnerable your property or business is to theft or vandalism? Need support to maintain compliance with government-mandated orders? S.G.P. Solutions Inc offers a FREE risk assessment of your property or business. There is no obligation or purchase required. We will schedule a time to come visit you at your location and perform the following: 


  • Collaborate on a strategy to reach your objectives

  • Offer viable solutions to lessen potential threats

  • Discuss the challenges your business faces

  • Perform a thorough walk-thru to identify risk

Many business and property managers don't have a security plan and aren't sure they need one - until something happens. Don't wait until it's too late.  


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